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Distinguished Old Ruthinians

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1568Richard Parry Bishop of St Asaph, Translator of the Bible.
1572John Davies Translator; compiler of the Welsh Lexicon.
1589Godfrey Goodman Bishop of Gloucester.
1590John Williams Dean of Westminster, Bishop of Lincoln, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, Archbishop of York.
1590John Jones Author of a Welsh grammar; collector of Hengwrt and Peniarth manuscripts.
1635David Yale Father of Elihu Yale, benefactor of Yale College, Conn., USA
1635Huw Morus Poet and Royalist - the Nightingale of Ceiriog.
1640William Lloyd Bishop of Llandaff; Bishop of Peterborough; Bishop of Norwich.
1645John Trevor Master of the Rolls; Speaker of the House of Commons; knight.
1645David Lloyd Canon of St. Asaph; Author of Church Worthies.
1648John Lloyd One of the six clerks in Chancery.
1650Thomas Lloyd Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania.
1675John Wynne Bishop of St Asaph; Bishop of Bath & Wells.
1709(c.) Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn 3rd Baronet and Prince of Wales(1693-1749) [in Peter DG Thomas' Politics in Eighteenth Century Wales (1998)]
1722Josiah Tucker Dean of Gloucester.
1726Henry Owen M.D. Writer on the gospels and miracles.
1733Richard Perryn Chief baron of the Exchequer.
1740Richard Hughes Canon of St. Paul's.
1740John Maddocks Barrister in London.
1744Lloyd Kenyon 1st Baron Kenyon Master of the Rolls; Lord Chief Justice.
1745Robert Cotton Dean of Chester.
1750Thomas Maddock Governor of Bengal.
1750John Wainwright Bishop of New York.
1750Edward Edwards Archdeacon of Brecon.
1759John Lloyd Chief Justice of Carmarthen.
1760Richard Richards Chief Justice of Chester; Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
1780John Hughes Father of Thomas Hughes, author of Tom Brown's Schooldays.
1780Howell Holland-Edwards Comportioner at Waddesdon, Bucks., Prebendary of Westminster.
1780Henry Parry Canon of St. Asaph; editor of Lingua Britannicae.
1780Charles Clough Dean of St. Asaph.
1780Robert Jones St. John's College, Cambridge.
1785Richard Newcome Biographer of Gabriel Goodman; Warden of Ruthin.
1785John Jones Archdeacon of Merioneth; Bampton Lecturer at Oxford.
1790Edward Jones Chairman of the Wesleyan Society.
1798John Parry Complier of Cambrian Plutarch.
1821John Williams The originator of Archaeologica Cambrensis.
1823Rev'd Thomas Briscoe D.D. Renowned Hebrew and German Scholar/Author.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1835Edward Smart Archdeacon of St. Asaph.
1835Robert Owen Author of books on dogmatic theology and canon law.
1840Sir C.J. Watkin-Williams Q.C.; Justice of the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court; Bachelor.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1843Rev'd Richard David Thomas M.A. Archdeacon of Montgomery; author of The History of the Diocese of St. Asaph.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1851Rowland Ellis Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney.
1855Rupert Morris Editor of Archaelogica Cambrensis; author of The History of the Diocese of Chester.
1860Richard Owen Canon of St. Asaph; editor of Arch.Camb.
1860Elias Owen Welsh international footballer.
1880Sir Arthur Reginald Bankart K.C.V.O., Surgeon Rear-Admiral; Surgeon to Edward VII and George V.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1886William Casson Engineer; killed in action - Major; recommended for V.C.
1886Sir Lewis Casson M.C., Actor/Producer; married Dame Sybil Thorndike; Fellow of the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London.
1888J.P Wicksteed Past President of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.
1890Randal Casson Secretary to the Governor of Burma and a member of the Legislative Council; Associate Fellow of the University of Southampton
1893Spencer Ellis Dean of St. Asaph. Governor of Ruthin School.
1905Dr. Trevor Hughes Author of Ruthin A Town with a Past.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1919John P. McArthur Capped for Scotland at Rugby Football.
1920C. Denis Lunn Banker, Director of The British Bank of the Middle East.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1920Commander Eric G. L. Robinson Prime Minister's pilot. He flew Neville Chamberlain to Munich.

Click HERE for a short biography of Eric G. L. Robinson contributed by Richard B. Aldrich.
1923Dr. Roland B. Davies Served on the National Committee of Medical Practitioners who presided over the introduction of the N.H.S., 1948.
1923Edward S. Jarvis Chairman of British Ropes. Chairman of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1924Cyril F. Locke Commander, R.N. 1939-1945 Company Director.
1924Gerald S. Glover Major, British Forces. Timber Merchant, North Ireland. Bombed and burnt out twice, during the troubles.
1927Tom Robertson Leathes F.R.I.C.S., Chartered Land Agent. 1939 Denbighshire Yeomanry Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Lieut.Col. in 1945.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1928A. David Corkhill Commander, R.N. 1937-1945.
1929Rev'd Edward Harries-Jones B.A. Anglican Priest. The first Anglican Priest to complete and win a National running competition, (half marathon).
Past President of the O.R.A.
1929Francis Humphrey Jones L.D.S. Dentist on H.M.S. Sheffield, 1939-45. Caernarfon Dentist, High Sheriff of Caernarfon 1970
1930Leonard T.A. Foinette B.Arch., R.I.B.A., Lieut.Com. R.N.V.R. Designer of the 1980 Wing at School.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1934V. Kellett T. Jones L.D.S. Captain Infantry Forces 1939-45. Ruthin Dentist. County Golfer.
1934W. Leslie (Les) Harlow D.F.C. WW2 Lancaster Bomber Pilot. Completed 33 missions with his crew. Chief Pilot with British Airways until retirement.
1935Sir Ian Richmond LL.D. F.S.A. F.B.A. Craven Fellowship and Goldsmith's Senior Studentship of the University of Oxford; Director of the British School at Rome; Professor in Roman-British Archaeology, and Public Orator, University of Durham; member of the Board of Electors to the Professorship of European Archaeology at the University of Oxford, 1955-60; Professor of the Archaeology of the Roman Empire, University of Oxford, and Fellow of All Souls, since 1957; Litt D. (Honoris Causa), University of Manchester, 1960.
1936Kenneth A. Richardson LL.B. Q.C. Merton College, Oxford and the Middle Temple, called to the Bar. 1952; Harmsworth Law Scholarship of £200 per annum, 1952-55; now practicing as Senior Treasury Counsel at the Criminal Bar.
1937David Lewis Williams Welsh International Hockey Player.
1938Sir Trevor P. Hughes C.Eng., F.I.C.E., F.I.Mun.E., F.I.W.E.S., Permanent Secretary to the Welsh Office (the Senior Post in the Civil Service in Wales) awarded to the K.C.B., 1982
1938Dr. Stanley R. Richardson Merton College, Oxford, and St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of London; Oxford "Blue" for Athletics in 1954 and 1955; regular member of St. Mary's Hospital 1st XV for Rugby, 1955-58; also played Rugby for Middlesex.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1939J.A. Armstrong Frederick John Palmer Entrance Scholarship. County Exhibition and Governors' Scholarship to St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of London, 1944; Nuffield Research Scholarship of £300 per annum, 1945 and 1946; B.Sc. with First Class Honours, 1946; M.Sc. with First Class Honours, 1947; M.B., B.S., and Research Fellowship in Neuro-Anatomy at St. Mary's Hospital, 1952; member of the official Government Enquiry into the Injuries in the Comet Aircraft Disasters and appointed to the Scientific Staff of the Medical Research Council, 1956.
1939Thomas Spencer Lea Solicitor. Served on North Atlantic Convoys.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1939Keith M. Tamlin LL.B. Solicitor. Director of Everton Football Club. Infantry Captain serving in the Middle East after the War. Past President of Liverpool Law Society.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1939John S. Taylor R.I.B.A. Architect. Chairman of Architectural Company, Offices in America, Australia, Europe and Russia.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1939 Francisco R. Parra Graduated from the University of Geneva in 1950 with a degree in political science. Economist with Creole Petroleum Corporation in 1950. 1960-1967 Consultant with Arthur D. Little, Inc. Economic adviser at the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries - OPEC. 1968 appointed Secretary General of OPEC. Executive Director of International Energy Development Corporation, an oil exploration company in Geneva. President of Energy Economics Research Ltd. Published Oil Politics: A Modern History of Petroleum 2004. Recipient of the Order of Francisco de Miranda from the Government of Venezuela 1968. Order of Merit 1980.
1939His Excellency Dr. Alirio Parra CWC Global Future Energy Limited, London. Venezuela's Minister of Mines, 1952-1994. Head of its OPEC delegation. President of the OPEC Conference.
1940A.S. Truswell Appointed Professor of Nutritional Science, Queen Elizabeth College, London 1971. Professor of Nutritional Science, University of Sydney, 1978.
1940R.F. Walker M.B., Ch.B. with First Class Honours University of Liverpool 1965 (the only First Class Honours Degree in the Medical School in 1965). Consultant in disorders of the liver.
1941David J.M. Hooson M.A., Hertford College, Oxford, Lecturer in Geography, University of Glasgow, 1954; Doctor of Philosophy, University of Glasgow, 1956; Assistant Professor of Geography at Maryland University, U.S.A., 1956; Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Columbia, Vancouver, 1963; Professor of Geography, University of California, Berkeley, 1976.
1941Sir Peter Gilmour Noto Badge LL.B. University of Liverpool. Prosecuting solicitor with New Scotland Yard. Chief Metropolitan Stipendiary Magistrate. Founding Chairman and President of the Coracle Society. Author of 'Coracle of the World' 2009.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1941Dr. Kenneth B. Edwards Squadron Leader RAF. Cheshire Doctor.
1942P.B. Clarke Nuffield Research Scholarship of £300, University of Birmingham, l945; B.Sc. with First Class Honours 1946; L.D.S. 1952; B.D.S., M.B., Ch.B. 1953; F.D.S., R.C.S. (England), 1957; Registrar, Department of Oral Surgery, Eastman Dental Hospital, University of London. 1957; Consultant Oral Surgeon, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary since 1961.
1942S.A. Jones University of Virginia; Several Scholarships including: National Latin Scholarship (one of two awarded in the U.S.A.); Scholarship of the Governor of State of California 1973.
1942E.P. Morris Major County Scholarship to the University of Manchester, 1951; B.Sc. (Civil Engineering) with First Class Honours, l954.
1942A.M. Evans B.Sc. (Geology), University of Liverpool, 1953; Resident Research Fellowship of $900, 1953, and of $1100, 1954, in the Department of Geological Sciences, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario; Lecturer in Geology, University of Leicester, 1958.
1942Christopher J.D. Saunders-Griffiths St. Edmund Hall, Oxford; "Blue" for Hockey, 1953-56; "capped" 52 times for the Cheshire County Hockey Club, Captain 1956-60; 31 international caps for Wales; has played Hockey for Great Britain against Holland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland and Kenya; played for Great Britain in the Olympic Games in Rome, 1960.
1942P.A. Samet J. Bulkley Jones Exhibition, 1946, and Major County Scholarship, 1947 to the University of Manchester; Dalton Mathematical Scholarship, 1948; B.Sc. with First Class Honours, 1950; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Scholarship to Christ's College, Cambridge, 1950-53; Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, 1953; Lecturer in the Computing Laboratory and University Examiner, University of Durham. 1957; Senior Lecturer and Director of Computations, University of Southampton. 1961; Professor of Computer Science, University College London, 1971.
1944D.M. Entwistle Major County Scholarship to St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of London, 1951; College Prizeman in Histology, 1952, and in Anatomy, 1953; Certificate of Merit for Anatomy, 1954; Certificate of Merit for Cardiology and Agnes Cope Prize for Paediatrics, 1956; M.B., B.S., 1956.
1944C.C. Entwistle Francis Dudley Memorial Prize for Anatomy, University of Bristol, 1964 (the first candidate since l947 to win this University Prize outright); Major County Scholarship of £300 per annum, 1955-58, M.B., Ch.B., University of Bristol, l958; Lecturer in the Department of Haematology and Clinical Pathology, The Welsh National School of Medicine, University of Wales, Cardiff, and Registrar, 1963.
1946Sir Trevor Hughes K.C.B. Permanent Secretary at the Welsh Office.
1946Robert (Bob) W. Barber M.A., (Cantab.) M.B.A. Magdalene College, Cambridge; Cambridge "Blue" for Athletics and for Cricket in 1956 and 1957; toured Canada and U.S.A. with M.C.C., 1959, and New Zealand, 196O-61, toured West Indies with E.W. Swanton's International XI, 1961; Captain of Lancashire County Cricket Club, 1960-61; played for England in the first Test Match against South Africa, 1960, and for the Gentleman against the Players, 1961; toured India, Pakistan and Ceylon with M.C.C., 1961-62; joined Warwickshire County Cricket Club, 1963; played Cricket for England in 28 Test Matches.
1947Gwilym Owen DSc. Principal of University College of Aberystwyth. Professor of Physics.
1947J. Grey Lloyd LL.B., University of London 1958; Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Travel Scholarship 1958; Sir Horatio Lloyd Prize of Chester and N. Wales; Incorporated Law Society, 1961.
1948I.J. Willis B.Eng., University of Liverpool 1957 (2 Gold Medals); D.Phil., St. John's College. Cambridge, 1961.
1948Emeritus Professor Barrie Vernon-Roberts 22/03/1935 - 01/12/2015. AO. MD. B.Sc.. PhD. FRC Path. FRCPA. FA OrthA (Hon) FRS. SA. An outstanding researcher in the field of bone and joint pathology, spinal disease and inflammation. Awarded the Volvo Award in 1986, 1990 and 2003. He was Australian of the year for South Australia in 2003. He was made an officer of The Order of Australia in the Queen's 2005 Birthday Honours. Retired as Director of the IMVS in 2005.
1949J.A Glass MB., Ch.B., University of Manchester 1961; Fellow of the Faculty of Anaethetists of the Royal College of Physicians 1967.
1951Philip Eyton-Jones O.St.J., T.D., D.Lo, F.R.S.A., R.I.B.A., M.R.T.P. Director of Architecture, Planning & Estates for Clwyd County Council. Lt.Col, Territorial Army. Chairman Reserve Forces & Cadets Association Wales.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1951David Prys Thomas B.Sc. (Mathematics), University of Liverpool 1962; Doctor of Philosophy, University of Liverpool 1964; Assistant Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Sheffield 1964; Lecturer in Department of Mathematics at Queen's College, University of St. Andrews 1965; F.I.M.A. 1968; author of "Mathematics Applied to Mechanics" 1977.
1951Glenn Neil-Dwyer M.S., FRCS, FRCSE. Studied medicine at St.Mary's Hospital, London. Consultant Neurosurgeon at Southampton University Hospital 1987-2002. President of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons from 1998-2000. Awarded the title of Emeritus Professor.
1951John Hughes Welsh Rugby Trialist.
1952R. ap W. Williams B.Sc. (Mathematics) University of Cardiff 1965; Scientific Officer with Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment 1965.
1953R. Neville Thomas LL.B., Q.C. University College, Oxford; M.A. (Jurisprudence), 1960; B.C.L., 1961; the Inner Temple, 196l; called to the Bar, 1962; awarded by the Masters of the Bench of the Inner Temple a Major Scholarship of £300 per annum for four years, 1962. Q.C., 1975; appointed a Recorder 1975.
1954A.J. Thompson M.B., Ch.B., Senior House Surgeon, Walton Hospital, Liverpool, 1972.
1954K.R. Young B.Sc. (Chemistry), University of Liverpool 1967; Doctor of Philosophy, University of Liverpool, 1970.
1954R. Gwyn L. Williams Senior Under Officer RAF College Cranwell 1965. Squadron Leader RAF. Concord pilot until retirement.
1954His Hon. Judge lan J.C. Trigger LL.B. University College of Aberystwyth 1965. Major State Studentship for post graduate study at Downing College, Cambridge; Duke of Edinburgh Entrance Scholarship to the Inner Temple; Major Scholarship of £300 per annum awarded by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple 1966; Lecturer in Law at University of Wales 1967; called to the Bar of the Inner Temple 1970.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1955K. Martyn Rees Senior Under Officer, RAF College Cranwell 1965.
1955M. Vernon-Roberts M.B., B.S., London 1968; Pereira Prize for Clinical Studies 1967; Prize in Otorhinolaryngology 1968.
1957P.D.R.S. Beckett B.Sc. (Civil Engineering) with First Class Honours, University of Manchester 1967.
1957Anthony N. Richards M.B.E., Company Director. Freeman of the Metropolitan Borough of St. Helens.
1957Michael (Mike) G. Roberts Capped for Wales at Rugby Union Football Toured New Zealand with the British Lions in 1971. Played club rugby for London Welsh RFC.
1958Richard P.N. Koldeway Senior Under-Officer at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst 1965. Prize for Best Cadet in the Armoured Division.
1959His Hon. Judge David R. Swift Solicitor. Circuit Judge.
1962C.I.K. Llayett Ph.D., Plant Pathology, University of Reading 1977.
1962Alan L.J. Bowen B.A., F.C.I.B, F.R.S.A. Head of Kleinwort Benson, Bankers, West Coast of America. Managing Director of Dresdner Kleinwort, London.
Past President of the O.R.A.
1962Dr. Kerr Walker Ph.D., FRAgS., Director of GCIRC (Groupe Consulatif Internationale Recherche sur la Colza)
1968G.B. Davies B.Eng., University of Wales 1980. Ryan Award at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art 1980.
1969J.P.P. Hirst B.A., with First Class Honours in Geology, St. Peter's; Shell Research Scholarship to Emmanuel College, Cambridge 1980.
1972D.B Parry-Jones Governors' Centenary Scholarship to Jesus College, Oxford, 1974. B.A. (Jurisprudence) 1977.
1973R.T. Wilcock Bishop Goodman Centenary Scholarship (Engineering) to Magdalene College, Cambridge, 1984.
1976P.T.G. Williams Bishop Goodman Centenary Scholarship (Mathematics) to Magdalene College, Cambridge, 1984.
1980J.F. Foster Selected to represent the Virgin Islands in the "Star" yachting class in the Olympic Games 1984.
1980D.P.E. Smart Bishop Goodman Centenary Scholarship (Classics) to Magdalene College, Cambridge, 1985.
1980J.C. Julian Lennon Musician and Photographer. Philanthropist, notably his own White Feather Foundation and the Whaledreamers Organization. lennon