Old Ruthinian Association

Old Ruthinian Association - Headmasters of Ruthin School

1291Henrile mestre mentioned in the Taxatio Ecclesiastica
1353Nicholas de Bletchley
1455Walter HonteCarmelite magister
1496DavidCistercian monk
1512John Greysleymagister
1535John Strynger, M.A.magister
1541Hugh ap IeuanProvost
1564Sir Richard Thelwall
1568(?)William Morgan(very tentative)
1574John Price, M.A.ex-Westminster and Friars Schools
1581Hugh Goodman, M.A.
1584Richard Parry, M.A.Later Bishop of St. Asaph; reviser of Morgan's Welsh Bible
1593John Davies, D.D.Tentative; author of Welsh Lexicon
1595Richard Powel 2nd master for some time, maybe never Head but remained under Robert Griffith who may have taken over in 1595 or even 1593
1599Robert Griffith, B.A.
1607Gabriel Parry, M.A. The first master on the Register of Christ's Hospital; nephew of Richard Parry
1609Lewis Lloyd, M.A.
1615John Jones, M.A.
1626 William Langford, M.A.Friend of Bishop Goodman
1650William Jones
1653Thomas ChalonerEx-Shrewsbury School; compiled a detailed Register
1655Henry Price, M.A.
1691John Lloyd, M.A.Sometime Warden of Ruthin
1695Robert Morgan, D.D.
1705John Williams, M.A.
1714John Wynne, M.A.
1724Richard Edwards, M.A.
1731Thomas Vaughan, M.A.
1739Thomas Hughes, LL.B. Had the Master's House built; raised the standing of the School to new heights; great-grandfather of Thomas Hughes of Rugby
1768William Parry, M.A.
1785John Walters, M.A.Editor of Ascham's Toxophilus
1789Thomas Roberts, M.A.Chaplain to Archbishop Moore
1795David Hughes, M.A.
1800Edward Jones, M.A.
1831Owen Owen, M.A.Drowned in the loss of the Rothesay Castle
1831Charles Williams, M.A.Had large-scale improvements made to the buildings; later Principal of Jesus College, Oxford
1839Edward Barnwell, M.A.Editor of Archaeologica Cambrensis
1865William Freeborn, M.A.Head of Llanrwst School, 1851-65
1871George Preston, M.A.Ex-Shrewsbury, King Edward's Birmingham; Headmaster Chester Cathedral School
1875William MillsEx-Louth G.S.
1881Rev. W.P. Whittington, M.A. Llandovery and Reading before Ruthin
1909J.J. Williams, M.A.Master at Carmarthen, St. David's Lampeter, and Oswestry
1913E.W. Lovegrove, M.A. Contributor to Arch. Cam; first instituted Rugby Football at Ruthin
1930M.H. Phillips, M.A.Master at Rossall and Charterhouse before Ruthin
1936J.R.T. Russell, M.A.
Click HERE for the transcript of a broadcast made by J.R.T Russell about the school in 1939.
1967A.S. Hill, B.Sc.University of Liverpool
1986Ralph F. Ullmann M.A.Cantab
1993John S. Rowlands B.Sc.University of Leicester
2010Toby J. Belfield M.A. Cantab
2020Paul Wallace-Woodroffe B.A.(Ed) Exon
Heads of Ruthin School
2021Sue Frencham B.Sc.(Hon)University of Leeds
2022Victoria Gamble B.Sc.University College of London
2024Frances King B.A., M.A., M.B.A. B.A.(Hons) in Theology, St. Hilda's College , Oxford.
M.A. in Philosophy and Religion.
M.B.A. in School Management.