Old Ruthinian Association


As Julian Lennon's father once sang "When I was younger, so much younger than today - I never needed anybody's help in any way..." - but then came websites.

General Info

This particular website encourages interaction with its members - in fact it is hoped that a large proportion of the content should be added by old boys and old girls from the school.

To this end there are two areas into which members can contribute - Memories and Galleries - in other words - Words and Pictures.

If you have some memories of your time at the school, or indeed since those times, please feel free to add them yourself to the Memories section.

If you have some other words you'd like added to any of the appropriate sections, e.g. Events you'd like to publicise or Obituaries you would like to write, please contact paul@ruthinora.co.uk.

Photos can be added to the Galleries by members. If you don't have the facilities to scan in old photos we can do that for you. Just get in touch.

Logging In

To log in, click 'Log In' on the right of the menu bar, enter your registered email address and password and click 'Log In'

If you haven't registered with the site, you can click 'Register' to do so. Having filled in your details and submitted them, you will then have to wait a short period to be Validated before you can fully use the site. You will receive an email to confirm you are Validated within 24 hours. If you do not receive it, please check you spam, and please check your email address was entered correctly.

If you have forgotten your password, click 'Forgotten' and enter your email address, you will then have the opportunity to enter a new password. You will be sent an email with a link to return to the site and re-enter a password. This email has an expiry time of 2 hours, if you exceed that you will need to request again. If you enter your email address and it is not recognised, please contact paul@ruthinora.co.uk.

Adding Memories

Memories appear in the Memories section of the Memories menu! They are simply text you can write 'live' on the site, or you could copy and paste from another source.

To avoid any disasters, if your memory needs a lot of typing I would advise you author it in another program (Notepad, Word) and copy it into the ORA site. Note that this is simple text, no formatting will be copied over.

Click the 'Memories' menu bar item and then choose 'Upload Your Memories'

On the resulting page please enter the required information, a Title, Tags, a School Year, brief Description and then the main Text - and click 'Upload'

Tags are used as in other on-line sites and blogs - optionally you can put in words or short phrases which other site visitors could search for, separated by commas. So for example the Tags for this section could be "help, memories, memory, tags, copy and paste, author, formatting". The actual text itself may not mention the word 'help' - but if someone was looking for information on Help and searched for that word, the tags would find it.

Under the form you have to fill in for new Memories you may see a list of other memories you have entered and here you will be able to edit and indeed delete previous contributions.

Adding Photos to the Galleries

Adding photos to the site is slightly more complicated than the text required for Memories, and if you experience difficulties please contact paul@ruthinora.co.uk. Click on 'Galleries' from the menu bar and then select 'Upload Your Photos'.

Enter a Title, Tags (see Adding Memories about tags), a School Year, choose a Gallery for the photo to go in and then a brief Description

There are three Galleries to choose from, a General purpose one, Sporting and Old Boys. You can easily move the picture later if you think it's gone in the wrong place.

Now you need to click 'Browse' and track down where on your hard disk the desired picture resides. Once you've specified a file you can complete the process by clicking 'Upload'.

Once on the site your picture will be resized to a maximum height and width of 1024 pixels. Modern day cameras take pictures much bigger than that, and the size of these image files can be enormous. If you submit an huge picture, and if your internet connection is by modern standards a bit slow, the process may fail. If you have the ability to reduce your image size, please do, otherwise if you experience difficulties, please contact paul@ruthinora.co.uk

Under the form you have to fill in for new Photos you may see a list of other pictures you have entered and here you will be able to edit and indeed delete previous contributions.