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Liverpool Luncheon 2019

Tags:Liverpool, Artists, Club, lunch, 2019, March
Gallery:Old Boys Gallery
Updated:Tuesday 09/04/2019 09:40
Description:Liverpool Lunch March 2019, in attendance: Peter Bennett, Barry Mason, Paul Bryn Davies, Richard Aldrich, John Sharples, Wendy Peters, David Gott, Stephen Sington, David Tubby, Barry Sutton, Nick Griffiths, Michael Bubb, Alistair Pollard, Peter Manuel, Robert Manuel, Tim Fell, Eddie Fairclough, Nigel Bruce, Ken Young, Paul Merrison, Malcolm Brown, Nigel Chapman, Richard Kinsey, Derek Elston, Eustace Collier, Roger Brown, Simon Thomas, Gavin Price, Chris Band, Michael Swift, Neil Walker (non OR).
Photo by BarryM

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