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2019 Old Ruthinian Reunion Weekend

Tags:2019, Reunion Weekend, Football, Teams
Gallery:Sports Gallery
Updated:Wednesday 13/11/2019 17:08
Description:2019 Old Ruthinian Reunion Weekend, Football Teams (left to right, back row and front row)

Top row from left across : Chai Phatpanichot, Jack Wright, Roman Zoloev, Guy Mauchant, Javid Khalilov, Ben Welsby, Minh Phung, Thomas Butler, Taewoo Kim, Ashley Burrows-Brown, Rich Perry, Luke Retout, Ru Kerrigan, Will Perry, Matt Wordsworth, Osian Audley, Alex Murphy, Rafael Dos Santos, Oliver Dignum.

Bottom row from left across, Ian Lim, Innes Flett, Nick Chadchavalpanich, Chris Liu, Vincent Liu, Josh High, Hugo Barrellon-kendall, Chris Ackerley, Nathan Bulter. In the middle on the floor : Iestyn Lewis.

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